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m, 57 from Atlanta, United States
Hippie family, looking for f from 50 to 60.

M, 30 from Andhra Pradesh, India
Hello, Nice to meet you all Looking for a genuine and caring person., looking for F from 24 to 45.

f, 32 from Los angeles, United States
I am dreaming to be with a man who knows how to give me tons of butterflies and show me heaven. Who is not scared to commit and settle down with a passionate and emotional Latina, a woman from a different country and culture!, looking for MAL from 58 to 68.

f, 29 from owerri imo state, Nigeria
Looking for a friendship with great people, looking for m from 25 to 65.

m, 45 from vicksburg, United States
Any woman like be my companion soon that can cook,clean,have driven license whom can drive and love to be clean and smell good. someone that love art,tv shows, sports,casinos, holidays,praying, god, meditation,forgiving others, cooking, fun-humorous,art, , looking for f from 18 to 50.

M, 46 from Ibadan, Nigeria
Greetings to all of Good friends in love May Almighty God continue to bless everyone of you in Jesus name., looking for F from 18 to 70.
Peter Herbert

M, 51 from Elmira - New York, United States
I Like this site, so need sincere and loving life partner., looking for F from 27 to 65.
richard grahams

m, 50 from Forlitz-Blaukirchen, United Kingdom
hello to you all my good friends, looking for f from 37 to 90.

m, 36 from 28214, United States
helo pal i am new here hope to meet you, looking for any from 32 to 99.
Bob Fowler

M, 37 from Maples, Florida, United States
Hello Everyone , I am seeking friends but I am also seeking a GF or a young bride of legal age please. All countries . I will return all emails from females only please. I am a gentleman, very open and honest. We can discuss everything., looking for F from 18 to 39.
Peter Herbert

M, 50 from Elmira - New York, United States
Hello, I am looking for friendship, maybe more. Who knows!! Don't really want loads of friends. Just one sincere person will do. I am a Native American who enjoys socializing with my friends and family. I love football, Walking. Going to Beach, Like good , looking for F from 27 to 65.

f, 60 from Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, United States
hi i am here to fine my heartbeat i need some one who truly love me for me who know want he is looking for, looking for m from 52 to 60.
Kyagaba joseph

M, 35 from Kampala, Uganda
Praise be to God, looking for F from 18 to 99.

m, 62 from wisconsin, United States
looking for a penpal friend, looking for f from 45 to 75.
joyce bergstrand

f, 60 from colorado springs 80906, United States
looking for love, looking for m from 52 to 60.

F, 55 from Lagos, Nigeria
You are highly welcome, looking for from 55 to 65.

f, 59 from Colorado Springs, United States
lets go on a long drive and fall in love but some times love is like looking a needle in a haystack, looking for m from 52 to 60.

m, 28 from bridgewater nova scotia, Canada
nothing interesting or special about me, looking for any from 20 to 70.
Dickson Janet

f, 58 from abidjan ,lagune, Cote D'Ivoire
look for a good heart, loving heart and very respectful and kind person, looking for any from 27 to 90.

f, 26 from Dakar, Senegal
am saying hello to all my good friend, looking for m from 27 to 70.
William Lowell West

M, 50 from Tupelo, MS, United States
Never stop believing there is untold wonders in every one, looking for F from 35 to 51.

F, 42 from Mumbai,maharastra, India
Hii.. Sup? How you doing?, looking for M from 39 to 49.

f, 36 from Baltimore, United States
The Dalai Lama says that compassion is the greatest power.  So true.., looking for M from 18 to 90.
Marilyn Mejia

F, 40 from Pangasinan, Philippines
Hello there! I'm Marilyn. And you are....?, looking for M from 45 to 60.

F, 24 from New York, United States
I'm very kind honest royal Looking for true love and kind person,who will take good care of me very well, also I will always respect and care for him., looking for M from 26 to 99.

f, 21 from Dakar, Senegal
i am a good looking girl who is looking for love and if your that man contact me on my email edithdougla2@ gmail .com, looking for m from 30 to 99.

F, 27 from Greater Accra, Ghana
True friends are like a gift you have to yourself and whose deeds are measured from the heart., looking for M from 28 to 55.

f, 35 from new york, United States
very good, looking for any from 35 to 90.
Matthew Knowes

M, 27 from Louisiana, United States
I like small butts yup yup I’m being silly, looking for F from 18 to 30.
mellissa Etian

f, 29 from Haifa, Israel
. I value the simple things in life, looking for from 26 to 89.
Lesley thimas

F, 55 from England, United Kingdom
I would like to meet new people to chart with . And have a laugh, looking for from to .
Sheridan Kim

F, 39 from Charlotte,North Carolina,USA, United States
Hello friend i am very thankful today., looking for M from 40 to 55.
Briana Lee

f, 29 from London, United Kingdom
Hello, looking for M from 29 to 70.

F, 30 from london, United Kingdom
My name is Princess from the United Kingdom,I am an audit banker from a good and responsible family but I am new here and I love to make new friends., looking for M from to .

m, 46 from u.s.a, United States
Greeting to all lovely woman you so beautiful and lovely., looking for f from 35 to 80.
Cohen Parson

M, 50 from Cleveland Ohio, United States
Hello Everyone, looking for from to .

F, 35 from North Carolina, United States
Hello dear, How are you doing, It is my pleasure coming in contact with you, please contact me on my email for more details, I have something very important to share with you that was why i contacted you, send me your email please, Name: Sgt, Cathlee, looking for M from 25 to 100.
Iyke Moon

M, 40 from Lagos, Nigeria
Committed pal that we both can learn from each other and be a good friend with a meaningful relationship, looking for Fem from 40 to 65.

m, 45 from Florida, United States
I'm looking to meet someone I can be friends with first and then possibly lead in to something else. I'm caring and fun loving. I have Sense of humor., looking for f from 40 to 100.
Jaas Grondahl

M, 60 from Glasgow Scotland, United Kingdom
Hello everyone, looking for F from 40 to 90.
Olivia Ryan

F, 28 from Texas City/Alice, United States
Till then, looking for M from 29 to 80.

f, 30 from NAKURU, Kenya
Hello feel free totalk to me, looking for any from 30 to 60.

F, 45 from california, United States
In God i trustn, looking for m from 40 to 95.

F, 60 from Canlaon negros oriental, Philippines
I am a Filipina, I have been a widow for a long time, I have 3 children, but they all have a family. I am the only one in life and the sadness. I like to grow vegetables and flowers, thats all I do in life and when I have a harvest I will sell it., looking for M from 60 to 78.

F, 37 from Indiana, United States
I am well-balanced and stable, but willing to let you knock me off my feet., looking for M from 18 to 99.

f, 34 from Taxas, United States
Greetings to all good friends that i will meet here i just want to a man that will love me and take good care of me and will not disapointed me on the road, looking for any from 32 to 75.

M, 43 from Berlin, Germany
Serious in need of friend ., looking for M from 27 to 80.

M, 42 from Nairobi County, Kenya
Hello everyone., looking for from 18 to 70.

f, 30 from Baltimore, United States
I'm here to meet the right Man, looking for Any from 18 to 99.
Asiimwe Simon

M, 30 from Mbarara-western region, Uganda
Hello if you love poetry, books and yo determined to meet a man who will really love and work with you for the rest of your life. You have got me., looking for from 24 to 45.

f, 39 from New York, United States
Am here to find my soulmate a man who care for his wife and will always love her to the end., looking for m from 30 to 90.

M, 37 from Accra, Ghana
welcomed as friend. Stay safe stay at home, looking for Any from 30 to 98.

F, 23 from Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire
compliments, looking for M from 34 to 70.

F, 31 from New York, United States
Im looking for my kindhearted prince, looking for M from 25 to 39.

f, 32 from Belews Creek, United States
good loookin, looking for any from 40 to 100.

F, 33 from Texas, United States
vloving and caring girl who is here to fine a love partner, looking for ANY from 25 to 88.

f, 28 from nez york, United States
hello, looking for m from 25 to 99.

F, 39 from new york, United States
real love for you, looking for any from 30 to 99.

f, 68 from Calgary, Canada
Looking for a Penfriend, looking for from 70 to 90.

F, 28 from Lingayen Pangasinan, Philippines
Hai hello, looking for M from 30 to 100.

f, 35 from eg, United States
I m looking for someone who believes on equality in marriage. I m honest caring and loving person only can not tolerate people who lie. I believe life is too short for fightings so better to be a better person. I think a relationship should be based on re, looking for m from 23 to 99.
Mark Wells

M, 54 from Arlington Texas, United States
Together we can change the world, looking for Any from 44 to 80N.

f, 30 from Doha, Syrian Arab Republic
Hello wish to meet a nice man, looking for Ma from 40 to 60.

M, 68 from Vila do Conde, Portugal
Let's make a connection and I try you smile, looking for F from 40 to 99.

, XEv from Sishen, South Africa
Anybody home? :), looking for from to tgn.

M, 43 from Berlin, Germany
I am always up for adventure and love to live life to fullest . Do you have what it takes to keep up with me ., looking for F from 28 to 75.
Dannah Watson

f, 54 from Houston, United States
Would love to meet someone that will accept me for who i am,, looking for any from 39 to 80.

M, 42 from Berlin, Germany
Will you be my partner in crime? If the answer is yes then message me and let\\\\\\\'s get lost together., looking for F from 30 to 70.
mariama abdel

F, 25 from Dakar, Senegal
love and caring, looking for M from 28 to 60.

M, 60 from Glasgow Scotland, United Kingdom
Hello everyone, looking for F from 35 to 80.

m, 42 from antwerp, Belgium
We’re young right now. We don’t know what’s wrong and what’s right exactly, but there’s this beautiful feeling that’s inside. It keeps us going. We may be too young to fall in love, but is it, looking for wom from 25 to 60.
jefferson thompson

m, 52 from los angeles, United States
Hello everyone hope to meet nice people here, looking for f from 40 to 68.

f, 13 from Baraboo, United States
Hi, looking for f from 13 to 18.

, How from Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles
Hi :). I am from Netherlands and i don't know how can i disable my signature? Regards :), looking for from to a6w.

F, 24 from alabama, United States
Hope to hear from you soon,Thank you.Hope to hear from you soon,Thank you.Hope to hear from you soon,Thank you., looking for men from 22 to 60.

M, 44 from ALABAMA, United States
Hello my future wife, Where ever you are i just want you to know that i have been searching for you, I love You, looking for F from 21 to 40.
Adolph Diedhiou

M, 51 from Accra, Ghana
Hello everybody from worldwide. I am looking for serious friendship that can lead to more better thing., looking for F from 25 to 75.

F, 30 from Cumbria, United Kingdom
Looking for a honest and serious relationship, looking for M from 24 to 55.
im dodo

m, 30 from Malvern, Canada
I wish you a good day, looking for from 20 to 50.
Harper Scott

F, 29 from New York, United States
I'm Harper Scott, How are you doing today?. Hope life it's well treating you fine, please if you don't mind I want us to become friend, could you contact me via my mailbox. ( ) For more communication because there's important, looking for any from 24 to 99.
Ashrine Asare Yeboah

F, 34 from Birmingham, United Kingdom
Hello.....Looking forward to meet that special pen pal, looking for from 45 to 80.

M, 50 from Accra, Ghana
Greetings to every body. I am looking for a woman with the age of 50-55 to marry., looking for F from 50 to 55.

m, 35 from banjul, Gambia
helloooo can i get any wife here please i am not here for game i want a serious woman in marriage, looking for f from 30 to 60.

f, 30 from Dakar, Senegal
I am looking for a serious date, looking for m from 35 to 80.

f, 24 from Dakar, Senegal
i am a good looking girl who is looking for love so contact me at, looking for any from 30 to 99.
Lonely Rose

F, 36 from Utah Salt Lake City, United States
Hello beautiful people, looking for Any from 35 to 70.
Eliz Trumpy

F, 35 from Anchorage Alaska, United States
Hello, How are you doing today? I hope you are just fine. I am really happy to know more about you. Immediately after I looked at your profile picture on this site it captured me.I must confess you are very handsome. Could you please get back to me at (, looking for M from 37 to 80.

f, 31 from north carolina, United States
I am really seeking for a true friendship with trust i believe that age is just a number, nationality, tongue, educational qualification, color, job all those things have nothing to do with love real friendship comes from the heart which does not count ag, looking for any from 45 to 90.

f, 30 from USA, Armenia
I really want to establish friendship and business partnership that may lead to long term relationship or something in future., looking for m from 18 to 70.

F, 31 from Pembroke, North Carolina, United States
I believe in true love and friendship, looking for M from 35 to 80.

m, 30 from OEIRAS, Portugal
hello my dear, looking for f from 40 to 70.

M, 22 from Kampala, Uganda
I love u all members of this group, looking for Fem from 18 to 28.

F, 27 from Maryland, United States

F, 37 from Malaga, Spain
I am here to find that honest God fearing rich and someone that i can go into business partner with,, looking for Any from 25 to 100.

F, 30 from Austin Texas, United States
Greetings to all the good people in here, looking for M from 37 to 80.

f, 35 from English, United States
to meet a good some one here, looking for any from 35 to 70.

m, 44 from Claremont saint Ann\\\'s, Jamaica
peace and love everyone let\\\'s us be honesty to who we have as friend or love, looking for mal from 27 to 80.

M, 53 from Berlin, Germany
I am here to meet a good easy going woman who can be serious with me in relationship, looking for f from 35 to 100.

M, 59 from Glasgow, United Kingdom
Easy going smart with a great sense of humor as i love the movies beach hiking travels cooking listening to Music Watching movies and other documentaries as i am originally from Canada and currently living and working in Japan, i am very generous and like, looking for F from 35 to 90.

M, 20 from ABIDJAN, Cote D'Ivoire
THANKS TO ALL MY FRIENDS, looking for ANY from 45 to 80.